The Surroundings

Dębina is a quiet seaside village situated between Ustka and Rowy. The Magra Holiday Club is situated 700m from the sea, which can be reached by foot following a picturesque country path. As it is the only recreational complex in Dębina, the beach is not crowded, and the seaside cliffs guarantee an unforgettable experience. It is no exaggeration to say that there are very few such unspoilt, enchanted places on the Baltic sea now.

It is exceptional place for bikers as you can enjoy some of the most fabulous bicycle routes in Poland referred to as „The Route of Yesterday's Tracks” (Ustka – Zapadłe – Orzechowo – Wytowno – Obiejskie Łąki – Rowy).

Around Dębina, you can visit:

  • Skansen in Kluki
  • The Słowiński National Park where you can see Europe's largest moving sand-dunes.
  • The Neo-Romanesque church in Rowy, built in 1848 with post-glacial stones and 19th century clay-wooden huts and a small fishing port.
  • Rowokół – the highest elevation of the Słowińskie Coast (115m above sea level) situated near the village of Smołdzino. It is a landscape reserve. From the top there is a spectacular view of the Słowiński National Park. Rowokół is called „The Sacred Mount”. It was a place of worship in pagan times.
  • The church in Smołdzino built in 1632. The tower was erected in 1694; the bell from Gdańsk was put in place in 1706.

In holidaytime, there are one-day cruises organized from Ustka to the Danish island of Bornholm. For anglers, trips on fishing boats are organized on the Baltic Sea. Not far from Dębina, there are also a few places where holidaymakers can ride a horse and play tennis.

The countryside surrounding Dębina is also a mushroompicker's paradise.