1. Is there a clinic and pharmacy in the vicinity of the resort?

Yes. There is a clinic in the village of Bałamątek, 4 km from our resort, where an internist is on duty everyday. The nearest pharmacy is in the village of Objazda, 5 km from the resort.

On the noticeboard at the reception you can also find the telephone numbers of medical specialists: pediatricians, gynaecologists and dentists with surgeries in Ustka and Słupsk. Moreover, in case of emergency we have a fully equipped first-aid kit at our disposal. Our staff is always willing to offer help and advice. The nearest hospital is in Słupsk.

2. What happens in case I pay the deposit and then my child falls ill all of a sudden and I will not be able to come to the resort?

You can purchase the individual cancellation insurance and we encourage you to do so. You can also find “the substitutes” for your places, for example, on portals reselling vacations. In case of not taking the advantage of the above presented solutions the down payment payments shall be lost. The down payment shall not be also transferred to another summer season, however change of the date of stay in the current summer season may be considered, provided there are free places within the time frame you are interested in, to transfer the reservation, however Magra Holiday Club Centre shall not guarantee free places in other time frames.

3. Does the resort offer baby-sitting services?

No, we do not offer baby-sitting services. We organize daily programmes for pre-school and school children lead by qualified staff, but we do not provide childcare services.

4. Are the laundry facilities free of charge?

Yes. Access to laundry facilities is free. You are only asked to abide by laudry rules and take your own washing products.

5. How much does renting a bike cost?

Bike rental is free for our Guests. If you plan to take a bike tour, it is advisable to book the bikes 1–2 days in advance in order to make sure that the bikes will be waiting for you. We have quite a lot of bikes, yet not as many as there are holidaymakers. Bike helmets and children bike seats are available, too.

6. What happens when we plan to take a trip at lunchtime, do we lose the meal?

No. If you inform the reception or the canteen about the exact date and time of the trip, our staff will prepare a take-away boxed lunch for you. You have also the possibility to arrange in advance to be served dinner on the day of your departure, after you have already vacated your holiday cottage. On the other hand, we do not reimburse meals that you could but did not have during your stay.

7. Is there a shop or kiosk in the vicinity of the resort?

Yes. 200 m from the resort there is a grocery shop selling also press. Moreover, there is a small stand at the resort’s reception, where you can buy essential cosmetics, toilet articles, etc. Free access to press is also offered daily in our cafeteria.

8. Is there a bus stop in the vicinity of the resort?

Yes. There is a bus stop 30 m from our resort. In summertime buses to Rowy, Ustka and Słupsk run frequently. An accurate bus timetable is available at our reception.

9. Where is the nearest Roman Catholic church?

The nearest church is in Rowy (4km) or in Objazda (4km). The mass timetable is available at our reception.

10. My daughter is a food allergy sufferer and cannot eat many foods, wheat bread, milk, butter and chicken eggs among other things. She is on a special diet. What sort of diet do you offer in such a case?

We provide individual dietetics programs. Please, send us an email (1 month before arrival at the latest) with a detailed list of allowed and forbidden foods. Ready recipes, names of allowed foods and tips on where to find them, if they are not commonly available, are of major help with the putting together of a menu. We do our best to meet such expectations, in order for the parents and their children being on diets to spend a holiday freed from worries about correct nutrition. Nonetheless, we reserve the right to choose the offered meals.

11. Are the holiday cottages cleaned by holidaymakers or a cleaning service?

We do not offer cleaning services of the holiday cottages during your stay. Cleaning equipment like mops, sweepers, brooms, etc. is available in every cottage. Cleaning chemicals can be purchased at our reception. In case of longer stays, bedding is changed on request on Saturdays between 8 a.m. and 12 am.

12. Are towels and hairdryers provided in each holiday cottage?

Bathroom towels are provided in each holiday cottage. They are changed free of charge on your request once a week, on Wednesdays, between 8 a.m. and 12 am. You are asked to bring your dirty towels to the towel storeroom, where you will be given clean ones. We do not provide beach towels. Each holiday cottage is equipped with towel racks and clothes dryers. Bathroom hairdryers are not provided.

13. Can we pay by card?

No. Due to the seasonal nature of the resort we do not have a payment terminal. However, in order to avoid having to carry cash along at every visit to the cafeteria or canteen, we suggest to our Guests to open a personal account and settle it on the day before departure.

14. I would like to bring bikes along. Do you offer a place where I could keep them safely?

No. The bikes you bring along can only be left by your holiday cottage, in your backyard or on the terrace with your neighbour's consent. The security of your bikes remains your responsibility.

15. What does the message mean that the Centre is pregnant women friendly?

On 21st December 2009 we have been awarded in the competition Falvit in the category: pregnant women friendly centre. We run:

  • Massages for pregnant women
  • We arrange the individual diets according to the instructions of an expecting mother, included in the price of standard meals
  • We assist in making an appointment at the doctor's
  • If necessary, we take the expecting mothers to the doctor or to the nearest hospital free of charge
  • We run fitness classes, pregnant Mums can participate in, if there is no doctor’s contraindication: aqua aerobic and Nordic Walking
  • We often have special price offers for the expecting mothers