Attractions for kids

Contests, competitions and animation activities are included in our offer for children. We would like to add variety your to kids' holiday by organizing games for them. This enables parents to take a rest for a moment. The above mentioned activities take place every day, apart from Saturdays, twice a day: in the morning and in the afternoon. Our highly qualified personnel organize various outdoor games as well as activities in our day-care room.

We invite you to our concerts and performer, chich are provided free of charge.

Classes for two- and three-year-olds!

Classes for children aged 2–3 are run in our day room everyday according to the timetable available at our reception. One class lasts about 1 hour, and the presence of parents or gardiens is obligatory. We paint, cut, stick, sing, dance, learn shapes… And all that with great fun and ease, just like on holidays!

Mama & Baby

It is a program directed to mums with babies. The program consists of daily sessions run in groups of about 10 people and is intended for mums and babies up to 10 months old. Mums do simple exercises together with their little ones which means that they do not need to part with their babies in order to get back into shape after pregnancy. What is more, mums learn the basics of baby massage under the supervision of an instructor. Duration: about 45 minutes. The sessions are free of charge. You can sign up at the front desk.

You are warmly invited to join us!

Massage for babies

In our massage offer you can now find a special massage for babies – a one-hour individual massage session for our youngest guests with a parent/parents and an instructor. The baby massage combined with exercises stimulates the proper physical development of a child, teaches parents correct massage techniques, builds the bond between parents and their child and calms the baby. Baby massages are recommended especially for babies prone to colic and sleep disorders. Individual massages are charged additionally.

You can sign up at the front desk. The number of participants is limited.

We strongly recommend you this treat! *

* The Mama&Baby Program and the Baby massages are available in selected weeks during the holiday season.